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  1. Pray for the pastors and their wives to be faithful servants of God where they are planted.
  2. Pray for the Roma pastors that will be selected to attend the school.
  3. Pray for the pastors from North Carolina that will be teaching.


Roma Bible Institue – Biblical teaching for Roma pastors from Hungary, Ukraine and Romania. In conjunction with Hungarian Batist Aid and NC Baptist on Mission, pastors from NC and translators from Hungary lead a week of intense Biblical training three times a year.


If you are interested in providing monies for training pastors in southeast Hungary you can give directly to Baptist on Mission.

Payment by check: Make check payable to Baptists on Mission and write “Roma Bible Institute” in the memo line.  If you would like to support American pastors please write “RBI-American Pastors” in the memo line.

Mail checks to:

Baptists on Mission
Attn:Roma Bible Institute
PO Box 1107
Cary, NC  27512



Are you interested in going to eastern Hungary to help train pastors? Pastors and professors will be going several times a year to teach in the Bible Institute.

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